Igloo 28 quart island breeze cooler

One of the most necessary things for a successful picnic in hot weather is cooler. Without it, you will either have to carefully select the menu – from products that do not have a chance to deteriorate or to eat still on the way to the coveted location.

igloo 28 quart island breeze cooler
Pack 28 quarts’ worth of your favorite food and beverages, then roll it to your destination of choice, with the rolling Igloo Island Breeze cooler. The push-button, locking, telescoping handle, along with soft ride sports wheels and molded side scoop handles to help with loading in and out of the .

Coolers or thermal containers are not only used when it is necessary to keep food products as long as possible in a chilled or frozen condition. They can be used successfully when it is necessary to maintain the temperature of hot products for a short period of time.

Igloo 28 quart island breeze cooler are very in demand among sportsmen, engaged in winter sports and lovers of active winter recreation. Thermos containers and large-volume thermosets can be successfully used when transporting frozen food from the storage location to the outlet.

The Igloo Island Breeze series combines sized-right, ergonomically designed coolers with sleek, modern style. And best of all, they’re made in the USA! The 2.

In order for frozen food to be stored in a cooler bag for a long time, it is necessary to place cold accumulators or special dry ice in it.

Keep your food and drinks cool with the Igloo 28-Quart Island Breeze Cooler. It features three grab carry points and a curved back that contours to your body for comfort while carrying. This stackable Igloo Island Breeze Cooler is suitable for camping, game day or for use when boating or picnicking .

Ice pack for coolers

An obligatory element of each igloo 28 quart island breeze cooler is an ice pack. It is a container of durable plastic (briquette), in which a heat-intensive salt solution is placed. Sometimes a cold ice pack is placed in the lid of an isothermal bag.

Igloo Island Breeze Cooler 28, 48, 50, and 60 quart sizes Plastic composition Budget to intermediate-priced Pros: Quite durable, wheeled options for mobility, modern look, decent price

The design of the lid is designed in such a way as to harmoniously maintain a stylish appearance with thermoses. The cold accumulator allows maintaining the most optimal temperature, which can ensure the safety of the products.

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Before the trip in the warm season, the ice pack for about 12 hours should be placed in the freezer compartment of a stationary refrigerator. After that, they are placed in a cooler.

The Island Breeze was very easy to wheel over grassy surfaces — perfect for when you’re bringing drinks to your kid’s soccer game. Read the full review here.

How to choose a igloo 28 quart island breeze cooler?

When buying a cooler bag, you need to pay careful attention to some of the most important points:

  1. weight and volume of the cooler.
  2. material from which the cooler is made.

When choosing the igloo 28 quart island breeze cooler, it is necessary to determine how it will be delivered to the picnic site or to the country site. After all, the volume of an automobile cooler is approximately 50 liters, that is, it will be very difficult to transfer it from place to place.

In addition, it must be remembered that the larger the volume of the cooler, the more installed the cold storage batteries, therefore, the longer the product can be stored in it.

Most often for the production of coolers, strong synthetic fabrics are used, which have water-repellent properties and do not penetrate ultraviolet rays.

The material for the outer part of the coolers is often nylon, polyester or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These types of fabrics are very easy to clean from any contaminants and quickly dry. The stability of the bag provides a thermal insulation in the form of a special foam, which is laid between the top of the bag and its inner container.

When buying a cooler, you should always pay attention to its interior. This is where food and cold stores will be located.

It happens that manufacturers try to save on the inside of the bag, laying in it not high-quality PVC material with reflective properties, but simply strong polyethylene of different colors.
Naturally, in such a bag, the products will lose their freshness much faster. Store products in such a product for a maximum of three hours, even with a full set of cold storage.

Automobile coolers, as a rule, is made of three layers:

  • external, made of plastic, light colors;
  • the inner container in which the products are placed;
  • foam polyurethane layer between them, the thickness of which is 3-5 cm.

This design allows you to keep the freshness of the products for about 12 hours without the use of cold storage batteries, if you complete the container with batteries, the products will remain fresh for more than 24 hours.

Alternative to igloo 28 quart island breeze cooler

As a full replacement of the igloo 28 quart island breeze cooler, a more functional option – auto-refrigerator – can serve with success. Automobile refrigerators can last much longer to maintain a low temperature, besides they work from any power source.

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